Control the spread of Coronavirus

Control the spread of Coronavirus across your organization with accurate and reliable testing from Slopeside Labs.

Test. Test. Test. It’s key to beating the coronavirus pandemic, according to the World Health Organization.

Control the spread of Coronavirus across your organization with accurate and reliable testing from Slopeside Labs

Among our test types — antigen, molecular and serology — there are rapid tests that can be performed at the point of care (think urgent care clinics and doctors’ offices) and at home with a virtually guided service and tests that run on large, high-volume lab instruments found in hospitals and academic centers, which assess hundreds of samples at a time. Each test plays a role in helping frontline workers diagnose COVID-19 and better understand it.

As the virus begins multiplying, antigens (proteins on the outside of the virus) can be detected. Abbott’s BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card test can identify these antigens, which are typically detected after symptoms start. Results from the simple nasal swab are available in 15 minutes through testing individuals suspected of COVID-19. The tests can be used in point-of-care settings and at home with an online service provided by eMed. The BinaxNOW-19 Ag Card is highly portable, easy-to-use and affordable, making it a valuable tool for helping reduce disease spread.

The test pairs with an optional, first-of-its-kind app named NAVICA, that works on iPhone and Android devices and that’s available at no charge. The app, allows people who test negative to get a temporary encrypted digital health pass with a QR code. The health pass is renewed each time a person takes a new test and includes the date of the latest test result. Organizations can view and verify the information on a mobile device to facilitate entry into facilities along with hand-washing, social distancing, enhanced cleaning and mask-wearing.


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With our Doctors and Clinicians, we bring extensive patient care experience along with logistics and medical/testing care planning.


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We will honor same day appointments utilizing our mobile lab. Appointments can be made online.


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Our testing team have an understanding of patient care and how to make this process as easy as possible.


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We have flexibility to schedule according to your company needs. Hours can vary as early as 6a.m. to as late as 10p.m.


Control the spread of Coronavirus across your organization with accurate and reliable testing from Slopeside Labs

Slopeside Lab is ready to help companies with their COVID-19 testing needs. We are pleased to be offering both PCR and antigen tests for COVID-19. The information from these tests will help your organization resume full operations in a responsible manner.

At Slopeside Labs, we are real people who understand the very personal, real-life impact that COVID-19 is having, and we are proud to be able to contribute in this fight. It is our goal to help people get back to work quickly, so they can regain their livelihood and careers, but do so in a way that will be safe for them, their co-workers, and family at home.

We encourage all companies to consider testing their employees. For more information on how you can get your employees tested, please contact us today.


As companies look to resume normal operations from the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s clear that widespread and accurate testing of employees will play a critical role in ensuring a safe workplace. Break rooms, meeting rooms, and lift lines are just a few of the places where potentially at-risk employees come together and viruses can be transmitted.


Slopeside Lab and Testing recommends employers test both symptomatic and asymptomatic employees for COVID-19. Testing across different platforms and settings is extremely helpful in our fight against COVID-19 to keep people healthy as we continue to flatten the curve and look for new ways to safely reopen the country.

Symptomatic vs. Asymptomatic

Symptomatic employees are those showing symptoms such as fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. If positive, the employee can be quarantined and treated before the disease spreads.

Asymptomatic employees are those not showing symptoms, but who may be carrying the disease and unknowingly can pass it along to others. It is important to do contact tracing by identifying those who have been exposed.


Dr. Jamie Faught, M.D.

Dr. Jamie Faught, M.D. is Board Certified by American Board of Family Physicians
as well as certified in Clinical Bone Densitometry. She has over ten years of experience with a Doctor of Medicine Degree with Honors Distinction at the University of Sydney, Australia (2007) and a Bachelor of Arts, Cognitive Science Degree at the University of Virginia (1999)

Dr. Faught loves all her patients and has particular interests in women’s health, osteoporosis, weight management, pediatrics, dermatology, preventative medicine, and global medicine.

Patty Ries McKinney, OTR/NHA

Patty has a BA Business Administration from CSU, Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy, and has served as a licensed Occupational Therapist and Nursing Home Administrator for over 12 years.

Additionally, Patty has launched a new company aimed at helping small and large businesses called Capital Funding Source LLC. Her organization provides funding and marketing solutions including, working capital, equipment and A/R financing, SBA, and CCRE lending.

Leo McKinney

Leo has been a teacher, a coach, financial administrator, small business owner, elected official, non-profit founder and board president.

Currently, Leo has launched a commercial finance and marketing consultancy, Capital Funding Source LLC – because what do businesses need most? Money, Marketing and Advice.

Leo works with over 58 diverse commercial lenders that offer a multitude of funding opportunities ranging from $25K to $500MM. This flexibility allows for quick and strong support for new and established businesses.

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